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Thursday, March 4, 2010

ROL Recommends #2: Let's give it up for the rappers!

I could go on and on with videos featuring my favorite rappers (even though I kinda did *lol*). There are so many more rappers I can recommend, but I don't have the space to put them all here. I'll try to feature more in the future through this section and the "You May Not Know Of..." section, so keep an eye out for it in the future!

If you have any more sugestions, feel free to comment or send me suggestions through the ways on the sidebar!

Outsider-Aquaintence (Live):

Video Credit: TheAMFSandy2

Epik High-Rocksteady (Eng. ver.)

Video Credit: choi911z

Drunken Tiger-Monster (Live)

Video Credit:KoreanTommy2

DJ Doc-I Wanna (Live)

Video Credit:deuxmv

Jinusean-Phone Number (Live)

Video Credit: chiunev

And now...the girls

Lexy ft. Taeyang-Get Up (Live)

Video Credit: MsRosj

Tasha-Black Happiness MV

Video Credit: rainieyang09

2NE1's CL Rap Practice

Video Credit: lanladay

WG's Yoobin Rap

Video Credit: jypentertainment


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