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Monday, March 8, 2010

Potential Alert #2: Jeremy Liu

This is why I'm fickle. How does anyone expect me to stick with one or a few artists when they keep churning out outrageously talented newbies like...Jeremy Liu.
J-D Squared

Jeremy comes from a distinguished background, having both parents being reputed musical and thespian artists in Taiwan. As a child, influence in the liberal arts was strong, and his parents nurtured his interest and natural talent in music. Schooled in the United States, Jeremy has much western influence in his musical creations, especially that of Funk and Jazz. The most intriguing aspect of Jeremy's music is the diversity and uniqueness of his melodies. It's not your usual mainstream fare, of R&B or pop, but rather un-catchy themes in a surprisingly acceptable style.

J-D Squared
Released 12.31.2009
Track List

1. 佔據 (Occupy)
2. Mr. Why
3. 呼叫機器人 (Calling, Robot)
4. 玫瑰 (Rose)
5. 想 (Ponder)
6. 狐狸是誰 (Who is Fox)
7. 住在動物園 (Living at the Zoo)
8. 空傷 (Empty Injury)
9. 連結 (Link)
10. 延長線 (Extension)

Jeremy Liu - Mr. Why

Jeremy Liu's voice, unfortunately, reminds me of many ABC (American-Born Chinese) singers, such as Wang Lee Hom, in that particular way of pronouncing Mandarin Chinese. Therefore, it does not strike me as being ultimately unique. However, that does not reflect his singing ability, which showcases great range and expressive technique, nor his amazing composition talent, which I find completely enthralling and diverse.

Jeremy Liu - Ponder
Song: Jeremy Liu

Credit: supernicemusic

Jeremy Liu - Mr. Why
Song: Jeremy Liu

Credit: blump3music

Of my favorite picks for Best New Artist at this year's Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan, Jeremy, so far poses the most threat to my other favorite, Million Dollar Star 3rd season winner, songstress Lala Xu. As I'm a huge fan of talented, self-composing female singing artists, and because of the dominance of male winners in this category, I would prefer Lala win this year. Unfortunately, Lala has some stiff competition.

Jeremy Liu - Rose (Movie Barbed Hills Theme Song)
Song: Jeremy Liu

Credit: warnertaiwan

As I don't speak any of the other 55 Chinese ethnic dialects, I can not confirm the meanings of the ethnic singing in the background of Rose. However, I really do admire and appreciate the creative fusion of "folk" or "minority" music integrated into contemporary styles. With the rising popularity of minority ethnic stars, or those of mixed Chinese ethnicities, it is no wonder that more and more entertainment arenas are exploring the cultural wonders of these ethnic nationalities.

The GM

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